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Corporate Social Responsibility

Children's Story Award

JX-ENEOS Children's Story Award "Three Wishes" [We would like to provide "heart-to-heart" to many people as much as we can.We would like to give support for children's dreams.We would like to take part in growing strong and healthy forests.]

JX-ENEOS Children's Story Award

For over 40 years since 1970, the JXTG Group has called for submissions from the general public every year of original children's literature on the theme of "heart-to-heart contact." The best works submitted are divided into three categories, (elementary school and younger, junior high school, and others), and then recognized by the JX-ENEOS Children's Story Award sponsored by the JXTG Group.

The calling for submissions has the backing of the Japan Federation of Primary School Principals Association, the All Japan Junior High School Principal's Association and the Japan Federation for Municipal Board of Education, and up to the present the JXTG Group has received approximately 340,000 submissions of children's stories from all over Japan.

The JX-ENEOS Children's Story Award publishes the best works together with commended works in a book collection called the 'Bouquet of Children's Stories.' The JXTG Group donates copies of the book nationwide to educational institutions, child welfare facilities, foster homes and others. Since its first publication in 1973, to date over 600 children's stories have been published, enabling readers to grasp the changes in "heart-to-heart contact" as they reflect the changing times.

The 47th JX-ENEOS Children's Story Award

Stories entered in the 47th JX-ENEOS Children's Story Award were submitted from March through May 2016. 11,047 works were submitted for the award from all over Japan and other countries around the world. In detail, 1,098 stories were written by children in elementary school or younger children, 1,010 stories were written by junior high school students, and 8,939 stories were written by others.

The 47th JX-ENEOS Children's Story Award Ceremony(2016)The 47th JX-ENEOS Children's Story Award Ceremony (2016)

Bouquet of Children's Stories (Volume 47)Bouquet of Children's Stories (Volume 47)

Assistance to children gaining social independence

The 'Bouquet of Children's Stories' is purchased by JXTG Group companies and their officers and employees, as well as dealerships which operate ENEOS service stations, and LPG dealerships, among others, with all proceeds going to the JX-ENEOS Children's Story Fund. This fund makes donations to the Japan National Council of Social Welfare (hereinafter "the Council") every year to aid in children's welfare. The donations are used by the JX-ENEOS Scholarship Program established by the Council as a part of the scholarship support funds when children living in child welfare facilities or foster homes across Japan enter university or other higher education institutions.

In March 2016, 480 children became recipients of the JX-ENEOS Scholarship Program Funds. Since it was established in fiscal 2003, the cumulative number who were helped by the scholarship is 4,276 students, and the total amount of funds disbursed is \416,850,000.

Number of JX-ENEOS Scholarship RecipientsNumber of JX-ENEOS Scholarship Recipients

Academic Paths of JX-ENEOS Scholarship RecipientsAcademic Paths of JX-ENEOS Scholarship Recipients

Initiatives to Protect the Environment

The 'Bouquet of Children's Stories' is printed on paper made from raw materials derived from wood produced as a by-product of forest thinning in areas of Japan where the JXTG Group is engaged in forest maintenance. The forests themselves contribute to increasing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that can be absorbed. The JXTG Group supports Kizukai Undo (Tree-Use Movement), a domestic forest preservation program promoted by Japan's Forestry Agency.